Andy & Christy Cass

Andy and Christy share the same vision and heart for the city of Rochester: inviting all to the table, and being a church that is all about the rescue and restoration in Jesus.  They love challenging people to step out of the box of their own comfort, and step into their calling.

Andy and Christy had been serving at a local church in Rochester, when several years ago God planted a seed in them to start a church.  However, they put that dream on the back burner knowing that God would one day bring that dream to fruition when His time was right. In the fall of 2018, it became clear and evident through a series of events and miracles that God was calling them to take that back burner dream and activate it into reality.

They have been married since 2005, have 3 beautiful daughters and love this community!  Christy keeps busy with her hair salon and watercolor art business, while drinking coffee and decorating their home.  Andy refuels by being active, whether it is mountain biking, rock climbing, snow boarding, or wake surfing with their children.  They have a passion for hosting and traveling, and they think it is essential to end your day with a bowl of popcorn!


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